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BBC Journalist Ken Macdonald experiencing the 4th generation full-scale VR Driving Simulator 


Having covered many virtual reality-related stories over the years, Ken was surprised to find the cutting-edge simulator at GCU is based on a real car, rather than goggles or a helmet. "It's really hard to demonstrate virtual reality on television news when it is often just me in strange headgear waving my hands about. The GCU lab has much greater ability to show audiences on TV and social media the potentially exciting developments virtual reality may hold for ordinary motorists in the relatively near future. I've enjoyed visiting the campus and seeing just a little of what's going on here. There is lots of great research going on at Scotland's universities and I look forward to keeping in touch with developments at GCU."

                                                                       Read the whole article

VR Driving simulator_Ken Macdonald BBC.j

V.Charissis (2016) - Virtual Reality:Current Trends and Future., Scotsman Newspaper, 

Professor Vassilis Charissis of Glasgow Caledonian University and Andrew Dobbie of MadeBrave discuss the future of virtual reality as part of our series on investing in Scotland in association with Scottish Development International.


V.Charissis(2015) - STV 9 o'clock News - Science : Virtual Reality .  (TV Interview)


V.Charissis (2015) – Driven to Success - GCU Magazine, Winter/Spring 2015, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow,UK


V.Charissis (2014) – Putting Scotland’s new Drink Drive limit to test - 5th of December 2014

Radio and TV Interview that was presented in the news across 13 radio stations in UK.

Clyde 1: (Glasgow)


V.Charissis (2014), Daily Record - Friday 26th of September– 2 pages publication- of GCU achievement in the field and interview.


V.Charissis (2014), Daily Mail - UK:


V.Charissis (2014), Wordless Tech -UK:


V.Charissis (2014), FleetNews:


V.Charissis (2014), UK_Daily:


V.Charissis (2014), Le Figaro - Article for Jaguar and our HUD (last paragraph) - France


V.Charissis (2014), WallStreet Online - Germany


V.Charissis (2014), PressText -UK


V.Charissis (2014), ComputerWelt - Austria:


V.Charissis (2014), PRAD_Inside Display Technologies - Germany:


V.Charissis (2014), AdHoc NEWS Germany:


V.Charissis (2014), 3D News Russia:


V.Charissis (2014), NEWS Russia:


V.Charissis (2014), SG Hungary


V.Charissis and J. Sykes (2011), American Telemedicine Association - international conference

(TV Interview), Tampa, Florida, USA.


V. Charissis, (2007), Making Waves, Flow Magazine, Autumn / Winter vol 11, November 2007, The Magazine of The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.


V. Charissis, (2003), ARTERY Broadcast Series, Scottish ITV, July 2003. The episode was presenting the most innovative car-designers and engineers of Scotland. Interviewed regarding the Dynamically Configurable Vehicle. Scottish ITV, Glasgow, UK. (TV Interview)

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