Director Virtual Reality and Simulation Laboratory (VRS Lab)

Director Virtual Reality Driving Simulator Laboratory (VRDS Lab)

Research Group Leader of Visual Affective and Pervasive Systems research  group (VAPS)


Professor Vassilis Charissis’ academic background includes a BSc (Hons) in Technology of Graphics Arts and Mechanical Engineering, an MPhil in Advanced 2D/3D Motion Graphics and Virtual Prototyping and a PhD in Human Machine Interfaces and Head-Up - Display systems, the latter two from the University of Glasgow. He is awarded two patents in automotive design and engineering, regarding novel biomimetic mechanical design and he is the recipient of two international first places for prototype design and engineering in the automotive industry competitions for FIAT and Opel respectively. His research interests are in the areas of HCI, VR, AR, HUD, Simulation, Human Factors, User Experience Modelling, Serious games and User Behaviour. During his research career Dr. Charissis has developed systems for QinetiQ, Ford, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Opel, Fisher Defence Submarines, NES, NHS Trusts, RCSEd and RCPSG amongst others. His research produced an extensive track record of international scientific publications. Dr. Charissis is also software development consultant for a number companies and public sector bodies and a member of BCS, IET, RSA, HEA, IEEE, SAE, AAAI and ACM.

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